Why call it “magic sandbox”?

Many people have asked me why I call this site “magic sandbox”, or where I got the name from, or what it means.  All great questions.

I have had this name in my mind for many years.  It popped up in my head one night while trying improv.  I felt like I was a kid playing with friends on a stage,  as we allowed our ideas to flow uninhibited.  And I thought: “why doesn’t this happen all the time?”  When we were kids, we played, we created, we imagined stories and characters to become, allowed our minds to flow freely, allowed our talents to be what they were, didn’t judge our imaginations, didn’t prevent ourselves from trying new things, and lived like there was no tomorrow.  

We were immortals; and though that was the epitome of innocence: imagining in that moment that life was a sandbox to play in, and there were no limits to weigh against, nor anyone including ourselves said what we thought or did was in any means “not good” (causing harm to ourselves or others notwithstanding), the deep conceptual ties were true. 

Where does this all go when we get older?  What happens?  Why?

Why can we not live freely as children?  Why can we not allow ourselves to create, to allow the magic inside of ourselves to come forth, to play in the sandbox of life and build the worlds we imagine, to share these thoughts with others, and allow others to integrate and enhance our own dimensions?

Let’s do what we want to enjoy life freely.

How does this connect to health and fitness?  Honestly, magicsandbox.com began as a photo blog, as I not only expressed my views on life, I allowed myself to be free with my own love of photography.  Any art or skill that is fostered and appreciated brings light to so many, and this light breeds health, longevity, happiness, inspiration, and greatness.  By allowing ourselves to also treat our own bodies, minds, and souls with such uninhibited love and respect, to reach boundaries of our own physical and mental strengths and then bypass them, to allow ourselves to step out of the audience of life and be on the stage of life, to be a doer and not a watcher, to be an artist of any kind and not only an admirer, to ride the wave of life and allow anything to happen and not worry about what’s next, to play, to build, to love, to smile, to grow, and challenge ourselves, to emit the magic inside of us that will bring light to others and allow them to share their magic, to take the sands of time and create castles…

that’s magic sandbox.  


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