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I am not a fan of workout videos. People get hurt, people get discouraged. You need someone by your side to guide you in form, in breathing, etc. I am there for you, by you, to watch you, and offer you modifications if necessary. In TABATAMAMA, I suggest you begin with slow movements, modifications, and working out the form and breathing before you attack.

Tabata is 8 rounds of 8 exercises. 20 seconds of what you can do with 10 second breaks. a 30 second break between each round. Your entire body, every muscle group, will be worked!

Here’s an example of a class:
Round 1: SQUATS. I monitor to see if your knees remain over your ankles and not past your toes. Are your shoulders back? Are you breathing properly: inhale down, exhale up. This is for lower body and core. 
Round 2: PLANKS. Is your back straight? Hips aligned with your spine? Shoulders back? I may split this with SIDE PLANKS, meaning every other set will be a Side Plank. Try not to clench your fist in the side plank. Align your spine and neck. Stack or stagger your feet. Raise your arm once you are aligned. One side might be stronger than the other. This is for entire body, spine, and core.
Round 3: WINDMILLS. Lay on your back on the mat and swing your legs in 3 different directions. Breathe as you wish (up with the inhale or down with the inhale). Split this with BICYCLE LEGS. Run your legs in the air like you’re riding a bike. Windmills are for the entire core, love handles included. Bicycle legs for legs and core.
Round 4: WALKING LUNGES. Very important again to keep your knees over your ankles. Step and sink down. Let the back leg control the motion, and think that the spine is connected with the back leg. Don’t lunge forward, but step and sink downward. Inhale down, exhale up. For core and legs.
Round 5: HIGH KNEES. Mixing in cardio and plyometrics with resistance training is very important. Run in place while bringing your knees up high. We will do 4 rounds of this, so don’t burn yourself out in the first set. Split this with ol’ fashioned JUMPING JACKS for a complete cardio round! For the heart.
Round 6: PUSH-UPS. Begin with the plank and lower yourself down. Again, inhale down and exhale up. Begin with a modified push-up, on your knees. Do what you can  Again, we will split this round with MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS. Begin in a plank and kick the knees into the chest. Lift the foot as you do. Start slow because there are 4 rounds of this. Push-ups are for upper body and core, mountain climbers are for full body and heart because it’s part cardio.
Round 7: OBLIQUE DIPS. We are going to get on our feet and slow it down for these. Very slight movements for the obliques, the love handles. Standing with one arm up, dip to the opposite side with your back straight. Try not to dip the hips. Try to use your core to lift the lowered arm, and imagine your lowered arm is dead – don’t lift the shoulder! We will do each side 2 times, and then we will do the same with both arms up. The last 2 rounds we will bend back slightly and bend forward slightly to really hit the obliques.
Round 8: TOE REACHES. Back on the mat for these. With feet in the air, or just knees, we will inhale first, then reach for those toes with an exhale. Really attack the stomach’s ab muscles. Split-set this with BRIDGES. Remaining on the back, tuck in the shoulder blades, rest your arms by your sides, and bring the knees back until they touch or near your longest fingers. Lifting the hips up and down, without touching the ground, work with what breathing technique works best for you. The last set we will hold the hips up in the air. Great for the lower back and hamstrings (back upper legs) and a nice stretch for the anterior body.