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Shrink to Life

Personal message by Coach Carey:

I have been fat.
I have been thin.
I have been an exercise fanatic.
I have been someone who loves nothing more than sleeping.
I have been a sad, exhausted, bitter, too-tired, too-lazy, too-unmotivated to lose weight, depressive.
I have been a happy, fit, full of energy, full of life, go-getter.

I have been loving and kind.
I have been angry and mean.

I can admit that when my weight goes up, it has made me feel trapped from enjoying my life.
I can admit that when I’m thin and healthy, I am at my best. I am my kindest and most open. I am happy.

It’s not just about the way I look, it’s about the way I feel.
I have lost weight and said to myself, this is it. The weight will never come back and I will always stay at my healthiest…
and then I’ve gained the weight again.

I have finally found a way to break the cycle, to end the roller coasters.
I want to share my new found health and zest for life with everyone I know.

It’s easy to feel trapped when you battle extra weight.
The cycle of losing and gaining weight is frustrating and can easily spiral out of control.
Put an end to the roller coaster once and for all.
Free yourself and see how much fun life can be.


16 pounds in 90 days!
Ask me how!


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Maintenance Phase Meals

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Josephine Calvi, LCSW

I am Josephine Calvi, a licensed clinical social worker, providing psychotherapy services in White Plains, NY.  I provide individual, couples, and group psychotherapy.

Hello! I provide psychotherapy services in White Plains, NY, for individual, couples, and groups.

Individual, Couples, & Group psychotherapy services. 

Office in White Plains, NY. Serving adults & young adults (ages 18-85)


“I am an Out-of-Network Provider, my rates are very affordable, and I work with the individual to come up with a fee they can afford, and that will keep them committed to sticking with the therapeutic process.”

  • My clients come to me with a wide variety of problems resulting in excessive anxiety, depression, and stress in their lives.
  • Together, we address symptoms and problems and take steps to resolve both.
  • Results include clients leading the more satisfying lives they envision and want for themselves.
  • Clients experience increased personal satisfaction and well-being, inner peace and happiness, and reduction/elimination of anxiety, depression, & stress. 

“I believe everyone has a vision for the life they want to be living and that often times people have difficulty achieving and making their vision a reality.  In my work with clients, I help them develop their own capacity, skills, and inner resources, to achieve and live the more satisfying life they want for themselves.”


I offer a calm, soothing, empathetic, warm, and
non-judgmental approach in how I work with clients.



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View my website and feel free to contact me today for a free phone consultation at 914-484-2361! 


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