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Wedding Vows on Canvas!


Wedding Vows on Canvas

A sample.
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* 20% Thank You Fee to those who refer me to a new client.


Canvas on wall

sample on wall.
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To showcase the words that you and your honey shared on the most important day of your lives is one of the most special ways to display your promises to one another. Moreover, to include them on your favorite photo from your wedding day, embraced, smiling, or otherwise in extreme happiness, is truly a beautiful and personal one-of-a-kind piece of art.

> The canvas may or may not wrap around the edges. This depends on your choice and photo dimensions. If not, a color of your choice may be used as the trim.
> The text does not have to be only vows, it may only be names, dates, a memory, etc… your choice of course.
> I will work with you on spelling and layout.
> All prices below include labor:
8×10 = $55
11×14 = $65
12×18 = $80
16×20 = $95
18×24 = $100
24×36= $125

* 20% Thank You Fee to those who refer me to a new client.



my new book of poetry!

My new book of poetry, burn after writing, is now on kindle! (www.amazon.com)

hard copy to be published soon!

A big thank you to my editor, Cara Winter!

14 Mind-Blowing Facts About Sugar (Infographic)

14 Mind-Blowing Facts About Sugar (Infographic).

“Sugar is in the headlines a lot lately, with some experts even calling it toxic. Did you know that the average child consumes 32 teaspoons of sugar a day?! This is just one of the many mind-blowing facts in this infographic from TotalHealth.”

Ref: mindbodygreen

Ref: onlineschools.org

Mark Hyman, MD: Should You Fire Your Specialist?

Mark Hyman, MD: Should You Fire Your Specialist?.

“Medical students are trained to see the body as a collection of isolated parts instead of one whole system. The ensuing move toward medical specialization — organizing medicine by organs and diseases, by location and symptoms — is flawed and, as a result, modern medicine is at a breaking point.”

From Gabriel Sanders: A fantastic, eye-opening article.

Ref: The Huffington Post

For more on Mark Hyman, MD: click here

5 Ways to Trust the Universe

5 Ways to Trust the Universe. by Josh Langley

“Trusting that the universe is on our side is sometimes difficult to do. Here are five tips to help you out.”

From Gabriel Sanders:  Beautifully written.  Great reminders on how to love to live and live to love, how to be happy, and be open to the wonderment of life.

Josh Langley is the author of Frog and the Well; Unconventional Happiness, a quirky, inspirational cartoon book about the search for happiness. Josh turned to writing and illustrating, while on a search to find personal evidence of the afterlife where he discovered that by investigating death, he learned how to enjoy life. He lives in South West of Western Australia, on 7 Acres, with his partner along with a few chooks, veggie garden and a myriad of native birds and snake called Bernard.

“come on a journey with the frog!”

Website: frogandthewell.com

Facebook: frogandthewell