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Wedding Vows on Canvas!


Wedding Vows on Canvas

A sample.
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* 20% Thank You Fee to those who refer me to a new client.


Canvas on wall

sample on wall.
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To showcase the words that you and your honey shared on the most important day of your lives is one of the most special ways to display your promises to one another. Moreover, to include them on your favorite photo from your wedding day, embraced, smiling, or otherwise in extreme happiness, is truly a beautiful and personal one-of-a-kind piece of art.

> The canvas may or may not wrap around the edges. This depends on your choice and photo dimensions. If not, a color of your choice may be used as the trim.
> The text does not have to be only vows, it may only be names, dates, a memory, etc… your choice of course.
> I will work with you on spelling and layout.
> All prices below include labor:
8×10 = $55
11×14 = $65
12×18 = $80
16×20 = $95
18×24 = $100
24×36= $125

* 20% Thank You Fee to those who refer me to a new client.



New “Fitting in Health” article!

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TABATA @530p-620p

Payne Park, Sarasota 

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* Please meet in parking lot off Laurel Street, next to the children’s playground.


TABATA @10a-1050a
YOGA FOR ALL @11a-1150a

Summerfield Park, Lakewood Ranch 

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* Please meet in parking lot.

*Please check-in at least a day prior via email!*




Eli Sapharti: FAT Boy FIT Man

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ELI SAPHARTI’S STORY: (from www.2minutestogreatness.com)

“At  42 years old and I am in the best shape of my life. Just a little over 4 years ago I was in the WORST shape of my life. Not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally. I believe these all go hand in hand.

In 2008 I had ballooned to almost 300 lbs standing at 6′ and my body fat percentage was well over 40%. My blood pressure was elevated, I felt tired all the time, if I walked a flight of steps I would lose my breath, my joints were hurting, and I was always getting some type of flu or cold.

Around March of 2008, shortly before the end of an almost 18 year marriage, I had what many would call an epiphany. One day I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t believe how unhealthy and just plain fat I had allowed myself to get. At that moment I knew I had to do something to change this downward spiral and begin setting the right example for my 3 children.  As I thought about past attempts to lose weight I realized that the “quick fixes” and fad diets I had tried, although successful short term, were not going to work if I wanted to make LIFE-LONG changes.

That is when I decided to try a different approach and came up with my ONE STEP AT A TIME = SUCCESS! approach and principles.   Small, consistent changes allowed me to acheive the body I have today 180 POUNDS with 10% body fat. I am also an avid runner having finished my last 10K in 47:43 and my last 5K in 22:01 and two half marathons in 1:49.  All being my personal best times. My drive and passion today is in helping inspire, motivate and teaching YOU that YOU too can achieve a healthy and strong body YOU can be proud of, no matter how much weight YOU have to lose.

JOIN TODAY and allow me to be your own personal weight loss coach.  When I was losing my weight I thought of how nice it would be to be able to get motivated, inspired, educated, pushed, pulled, recipes, eating plans, exercise plans, grocery lists, and someone who just cared enough to contact me on a regular basis to help me reach my goals.

WELL…that is what this site is all about.

I will be your personal weight loss coach. I will call you regularly, I will text you daily, I will send you video clips weekly. I will add articles, videos, recipes, grocery lists, meal plans, exercises and exercise plans each week for you to follow as well as anything and everything you need to help you reach your goal!!!

Join Today. Eli’s One Step To Weight Loss Success!

To watch more videos about Eli Sapharti:  <CLICK HERE>

Be sure to <Facebook Eli> for daily inspiration and motivation

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In random order….

1. In 2009, a study was produced  by nurses with 3,256 participants. For those who drank at least 2 servings of diet soda daily, it revealed a 30% drop in kidney function. (ref: Supplement Relief)

2. Recent studies show that a diet-soda habit can increase your risk of stroke, osteoporosis, and type two diabetes. Early studies show diet-soda drinkers are 61 percent more likely to have a stroke, have , and are more at risk for developing type two diabetes. (ref: Fit Sugar)

options3. As early as 1960 aspartame was determined to be a dangerous chemical and the emerging research years later only served to affirm the true nature of this artificial sweetener. Over the years, aspartame has been found to create holes in brain tissue, adversely affect the brain and nerve development in the fetus, cause cancer, migraines, headaches, seizures, convulsions and even retinal damage. With this amount of negative findings, aspartame should have been removed from the market years ago! (ref: natural news)

** See also on magicsandboxAll About Aspartame

Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper

4. Diet sodas are acidic. Excess acid can be hard on the digestive system. For the generally healthy person, this only becomes a problem with excessive intake of diet sodas; however, those with gastrointestinal problems, such as acid reflux, indigestion or ulcers can exacerbate their conditions by consuming only small amounts of diet sodas. Acidic beverages are also hard on tooth enamel, which can cause decaying or rotting of the teeth, leading to cavities. (ref: livestrong)

English: Diet Coke Products

There are no healthy ingredients in diet soda! 

(ref: livestrong)

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