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Anthos - Kubernetes on steroids with Jamie Duncan from Google

Today we’re talking to Mr. Jamie Duncan, a Customer engineer at Google cloud, and more specifically with the Google Anthos project. He’s very excited about the possibilities of new technologies like Kubernetes and in this podcast he’ll be sharing his experiences with facilitating Kubernetes transitions with large enterprise customers from all over the world.

In love with CI/CD: Hessel Bakker

In this episode we’re joined by Hessel Bakker, who by his own words is in love with CI/CD systems. He’s running a consultancy focussing on building software delivery pipelines, and I was very glad to get him to chat with us, as he has real on the ground experience in not only building CI/CD systems, but advocating them inside organisations and educating developers to properly use them.

Kubernetes Enterprise adoption with Jeroen Overmaat

In our first episode we’ve brought you Mr. Jeroen Overmaat, NEMEA Regional Director for Rancher Labs, who are at the forefront of Kubernetes adoption and evangelism in both the Consumer and Enterprise space. Jeroen shares with us how he helps companies adopt Kubernetes and Rancher, the challenges he sees, how to build value on top of the Kubernetes ecosystem and much more.

Succeeding by staying lean and customer focused: Daniel Krauss CTO@Flixbus

Daniel Krauss, co-founder and CTO of Flixbus talks about the journey of Flixbus, how they started off with a small MVP and disrupted a whole industry by using technology and agility.