“I felt stronger and learned more about proper exercise and posture after 6 months working with Gabriel than I did in years of working out with friends at the gym.  I’m sorry he’s moving to Florida!” — Andrew T., NY

“Working with Gabriel has given me a better understanding of how each muscle group works, as well as gaining more knowledge of muscle/exercise, and how nutrition plays a very important role in staying fit.” — Carmine F., NY

“A year ago, I was 55 years old going on 60+ in both looks and energy.  After working with Gabriel, I have increased strength, balance, agility, and energy.  I have lost weight and gained muscle.  I am well on my way to meeting my goal of looking 10 years younger than my age.” — Charles S., NY

“I truly feel that I hit the jackpot when I met Gabriel.  He is polite, genuine, dependable, and easily conveyed that he really wanted to help me. He is capable, patient, understanding and strong, and will make a wonderful addition to any class or individual practice. Unfortunately he is leaving New York………..I will very much miss him.” — Donald S., NY

“Gabriel was the perfect instructor to get me started on my fitness journey. He patiently guided me through different exercises all the while being relentless on form. We never moved to the next step if the form wasn’t perfect. Gabriel helped me lose my fear of using some of the exercise equipment at the gym, which sometimes can be intimidating. Sadly, Gabriel moved away and we’re no longer partners in this journey, but I’m grateful for the tools and motivation he gave me, which I find myself consantly referring to.” — Jocelyn H., NY

“Gabriel got me started down the path of a fit lifestyle.  From my first push-up, he has engaged me in proper and safe technique, appropriate level of challenge, proper nutrition, and a well-rounded and interesting program.  I have been highly satisfied by the results.” — John M., NY

“Gabriel kept me motivated and taught me how to improve my whole body – even muscles I didn’t know existed. He really focuses on keeping you physically and mentally fit, and got me in the best shape of my life!” — Josh P., NY

“I really appreciate Gabriel’s holistic approach to training and wellness; he inspired this exercise-averse couch potato to get in shape, and take care of my body as well as my mind.” — Mike R., NY

“I am new to Yoga and was introduced to it by Gabriel Sanders and his ‘Magic Sandbox’, this past summer.  I was slow to learn, but Mr. Sanders took his time and taught me patiently. I took baby steps as he introduced new concepts, until I was able to do it on my own.  I must say, I had little faith in Yoga and was skeptical of it’s effect.  Mr. Sanders catered to my personal goals and it made a difference, since I was able to experience my inner strength on my own. The experience with him will last me a lifetime, Mr. Sanders is definitely the  ‘Best kept secret of Sarasota!’” — Ronit K.; Sarasota, FL


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