: An Introduction

“Fitting in Health: An Introduction”

Buddha said that a jug is filled drop by drop. Completion of a goal does not occur immediately, it requires patience and dedication (that classic of how one gets to Carnegie Hall comes to mind). The more you move, the more muscles grow, the more calories are burned, the more the heart beats. Many Americans do not move, they remain sedentary, the complete opposite of progress, the inverse of living. We are a fat nation, the fattest and sickest, and we rely on pharmaceuticals as a safety net. America is, in fact, the only country in the world that has commercials for drugs, commercials that show people, for example, chowing down on greasy cholesterol-laden sandwiches with the only solution to the person’s heart burn or acid reflux is to take a pill. How about not eating that stuff?

Ask yourself why you are not as healthy as you’d like to be:

  1. Too busy/no time: to exercise, to cook, to drink water, to eat at all.
  2. I am happy the way I am.
  3. Exercise is boring.
  4. I’m too stressed.
  5. I am not built that way.
  6. My (fill in the blank) hurts so it’s hard to pick up heavy things.
  7. Can’t cook/ordering in or eating out is easier.
  8. There is nothing around me that is healthy to eat.
  9. I can’t afford: a gym, healthy foods, classes, gym clothes, supplements.
  10. I only live once and I want to enjoy it, and being healthy is not enjoyable.
  11. Taking medications is easier than being active or eating healthy.
  12. I walk enough, so I don’t need exercise.
  13. I tried it all, even home exercise videos, and nothing works/couldn’t get into it.
  14. Been there, done that.
  15. I smoke, so I don’t have the energy, and I have breathing problems.
  16. I don’t want to get big muscles.
  17. I use up my free time to catch up on my tv shows (including sports). (see #1)
  18. I’d exercise with someone, even my partner, but they don’t want to, so I don’t.
  19. I make enough money to not be healthy.
  20. I am too old.

How many of those do you recognize and/or use? You have the right of choice. Along with these excuses, and I am sure there are more, there is the “all-or-nothing attitude”: unless I get all of it now and soon, then what’s the point? So excuses are made before starting something, thus directly reverting the process, creating your own prophesied results, in order to be right to prove others or the system wrong, ultimately becoming the “ya see? I told you so” finality; but in truth, it comes down to laziness. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Okay, no more cliches, but cliches were created for a reason. Everything takes time. Have patience and be kind to yourself.

Remember to take it one step at a time. Begin now. Have fun; even if you don’t, then vent, cry, scream!  Allow yourself to feel, and then conquer this great challenge. Inhale.  Exhale. Enjoy living, healthy.  If you would like to add your thoughts, please feel free to comment below! And don’t forget to share the health!


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