Stop competing for talent

Grow it

Building in-house expertise through an intense DevOps bootcamp

Cloud-native bootcamp

Quickly build up internal Kubernetes expertise

Practical knowledge

Throughout the bootcamp we will introduce major Kubernetes and microserivice topics by building real projects.

In person or remote

Our hands-on immersive platform allows us to deliver training remotely or in person and cover advanced topics in depth.

Covering essential topics

Starting by building a real ecommerce system, we dig deeper and cover Resiliency, Scaling, Self-healing, Advanced Networking and Security.

Real world projects

Learn by doing. Throughout the bootcamp we build real ecommerce systems, high availability databases, CI/CD systems and more.

Kubernetes benefits

Kubernetes is the new OS of the cloud

Standardise your tech stack

Simplify training, recruiting and onboarding for engineers. Free up resources to focus on building your USP.

Leverage powerful software

Deploy most modern software packages through available vendor and community maintained packages in seconds

Automate the boring parts

Allow teams to iterate and deploy more quickly. Increase the cadence of software delivery and reach your market quickly

Avoid vendor lock-in

Single cloud or multi cloud - Kubernetes offers a standard interface to deploy your software, adhered to by all major cloud providers

Adoption challenges

According to the official CNCF developer survey


Cultural Challenges with
Development team




Lack of training

How MSB helps

Real world experience

The purpose of our bootcamp is to transfer real world experience and quickly and efficiently as possible, by building real projects

Built for teams

A successful Kubernetes system requires knowledge of the whole development team. Our platform and methodologies allow us to upskill teams of 50+ engineers in days

Beyond "Hello, world!"

Our bootcamp is designed for professional engineers which maintain large scale deployments, which requires building deep proficiency is main topics.

Tailored to your needs

For larger project MSB will assist you in your journey through your transition, by tailoring our bootcamp to your needs and regular strategy sessions.

Training team

Nigel Poulton

Author of "The Kubernetes Book"

20+ Trainers

Our trainers have long term teaching experience and are seasoned engineers themselves.

Mislav Stipetic

Founder of MSB


1.Kubernetes Kickoff

In this workshop we will cover the Kubernetes architecture and way of thinking. We will start the workshop with a theoretical overview of the Kubernetes architecture, way of thinking and general best practices. After that we will continue with the hands-on part - building a real ecommerce system.

The hands on part has a goal of building a real production-ready ecommerce system, which we evolve from a basic configuration of a Pod running a database and a web server, to a scalable system supporting Stateful databases, scalable frontends, networking and ingress.

2.Zero Downtime Deployments

This lab focuses on ensuring reliable deployment and upgrade, scaling, healing and monitoring of your services. We’ll cover several powerful Kubernetes mechanisms that facilitate them as well as explaining how to fit them in the larger picture of a software delivery process.

3.Managing Stateful Applications

The Managing stateful applications workshop is a whole day workshop designed to teach participants concepts and techniques regarding managing State in Kubernetes.

As any other resource, Kubernetes abstracts the interface to Storage providers, but additional considerations have to be taken compared to more ephemeral resource like Compute and Memory.

After being introduced to the Kubernetes storage concepts, this workshop will take participants through a series of exercises covering use-cases using real world technologies.

4.Advanced Networking Patterns

In this lab we’ll be doing a deep dive into Kubernetes Networking. Starting by building a strong understanding of the various mechanisms supporting Kubernetes networking abstractions and working through several real world examples which will enable you to architect, build and maintain a production-grade system.

5.Cluster Processes

This lab focuses on the DevSecOps aspect of running your cluster. We’ll be using Kubernetes mechanisms like Service Accounts, Pod Security Policies and Network Policies to ensure strict control over utilisation and access to various resources and services of your cluster.‚Äč

This will ensure best practices are enforced by the cluster itself, and reduce the need to reinvent the wheel in various teams.

6.Building a Software Delivery Pipeline

During this lab we will synthesise all the knowledge from the previous labs to build a unified and reactive software delivery pipeline and a monitoring suite. We will be focusing on the big picture of architecting and running your system in a Cloud-native way.