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Understanding the Basics of gRPC

gRPC is a modern, high-performance framework developed by Google in 2015 to streamline messaging between clients and backend services. It can run in any environment, making it ideal for connecting services in every data center with pluggable support.

The Kubernetes Tech Community Bubble

Or why it’s really okay to not know what this whole Container thing is about

Organisational Benefits of Kubernetes

Technical champions inside organisations sometimes have a hard time understanding the perspectives of various s takeholders inside their organisations, so we thought we’d make a “how to convince your boss” list of benefits of a Kubernetes transition to communicate its advantages more effectively.

Key Concepts Needed to Understand Kubernetes

At Magic Sandbox, we’re working with a lot of companies and helping them to transition to Kubernetes. We’ve found a lot of effort needs to be taken at the beginning to explain the mindset-shift necessary when working with Kubernetes.