Gabriel Sanders is a Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine), 200-Hour Hatha/Lotus Flow Registered Yoga Teacher, Certified Stretching Specialist, TRX Group Suspension Training Certified, CPR-AED, Tabata teacher (classroom and pool or “Tabatawata“), experienced in guiding meditations, and nutritional and lifestyle counseling, and has a handful of other Continuing Education Certifications. He is also a photographer, poet, sculptor, and screenwriter.

From Gabriel:

After a successful career doing sound for film and television, I discovered that my interests had shifted. I first took a journey into meditation to clear my mind of clutter, while reading one spirituality book after another. Once I found some clarity, I turned to my body and began to exercise. Your body is your own castle, rented while you are in this living situation, and mine was going through “home improvement”. I was emptying the closets of my mind, throwing away luggage I rolled around with me, emptied memories I didn’t need to hold on to, and essentially purging my past and “letting go”… but it wasn’t enough for me. I joined a gym, and immediately got a personal trainer to guide me on my path to physical strength. This is when I turned to yoga, solely for the stretching aspect of it first, to coincide with the weightlifting. Through working with my trainer, and seeing my own transformation, both physically and mentally, I realized that I didn’t want to keep this new-found passion to myself. I starting studying for the NASM-CPT certification. I was also simultaneously learning of different yoga styles and methods, and found a place that appeased my spiritual journey in the likes of Laughing Lotus. After a few classes there, I joined their school.  Those big steps shuttled me forward on an amazing journey.  To be able to point people in the right direction on their own path to health, to improve their quality of life and watch them react to not only their own physical growth but improvement of well-being, means a great deal to me. I continue to further my education, not only to stay current with advances in fitness and nutrition, but also to hone in on my own personal style of teaching. Throughout my own experiences, I have learned that it’s never t0o late to make a change in your path in life. The time to make the choice for a healthy living is now.  Create the life you love to live!

Peace.  Namaste.  Rock on.


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