Josephine Calvi, LCSW

I am Josephine Calvi, a licensed clinical social worker, providing psychotherapy services in White Plains, NY.  I provide individual, couples, and group psychotherapy.

Hello! I provide psychotherapy services in White Plains, NY, for individual, couples, and groups.

Individual, Couples, & Group psychotherapy services. 

Office in White Plains, NY. Serving adults & young adults (ages 18-85)

“I am an Out-of-Network Provider, my rates are very affordable, and I work with the individual to come up with a fee they can afford, and that will keep them committed to sticking with the therapeutic process.”

  • My clients come to me with a wide variety of problems resulting in excessive anxiety, depression, and stress in their lives.
  • Together, we address symptoms and problems and take steps to resolve both.
  • Results include clients leading the more satisfying lives they envision and want for themselves.
  • Clients experience increased personal satisfaction and well-being, inner peace and happiness, and reduction/elimination of anxiety, depression, & stress. 

“I believe everyone has a vision for the life they want to be living and that often times people have difficulty achieving and making their vision a reality.  In my work with clients, I help them develop their own capacity, skills, and inner resources, to achieve and live the more satisfying life they want for themselves.”

I offer a calm, soothing, empathetic, warm, and
non-judgmental approach in how I work with clients.



National Institute of Mental Health:

For excellent ideas/tips for good mental health & managing stress:

View my website and feel free to contact me today for a free phone consultation at 914-484-2361! 


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